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Caller ID

I used to have caller ID that would display on my TV. The solutions store told me I could change it on the menu but that option does not appear nor does it appear on this web site. What's next?

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    What do you have for a cable box:  Mini Box, Contour 1, Contour 2, Basic DVR, Basic Receiver?  I read TV Caller ID wasn't yet available for Contour 2, but, I think, that issue was resolved.  I'm not sure.  If you don't have Contour 2, try unplugging your box for a few minutes.

  • russelljr,

    To access The TV Caller ID settings on the original Contour platform please press the left arrow on the remote while watching live TV. then scroll down to and select Interactive Services. TV Caller ID will be an option here and you can select it to turn it off or on. This is also the area where you can view call history.

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    I have the same issue and the service is turned on.  Hasn't worked since we upgraded to Contour 

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    Hi Lynn G,

    What type of receiver do you have? Is the feature enabled through the settings menu of the box?

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    Cox, before troubleshooting, is TV Caller ID available with Contour 2?

  • Bruce,

    Yes, TV Caller ID is available with the new Contour.