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Caller ID on T.V. screen

My caller ID that comes up on the bottom of the T.V. screen, was working fine, then one day it just quit. I have chatted with 3 or 4 different people, reset the cable box, did everything they told me to do. It still doesn't work. They said a service tech would have to come out and, there would be a charge of $60.00. I'am wondering if maybe the service was turned off and, maybe just needs to be turned back on. I don't know how it works, But I know I don't have the $60.00 for a service call, I already pay $250.00 a month. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    Don't pay for a service tech.  Lately, there have been numerous reports about Caller ID on TV not working.  For me, sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.  It also deletes its history for some reason.  It's acting wonky and it's on Cox' end.

  • Hi WildnBlue7,

    We can certainly investigate this issue. Please email my team at with your full name and complete address. Be sure to include the issues you’re experiencing or this post.