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Call History Only 120 Days

I was very disappointed to find that Phone Tools only provides call history for the last 120 days. In addition, there is no call log that is provided with the bill like other providers.

I called tech support and they said I would have to contact my local police department and ask them to subpoena Cox to get earlier call history. This seems ridiculous to me.

Based on this comment from tech support, I assume this information is available but Cox does not want to provide it for whatever reason.

Does anyone know how to get additional call history? I only need to go back 160 days.

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    You can go to your Solution Store to sign a release to get a copy of the of call details. We keep the last 18 months on file. There is a fee associated with the copies and your account will need to be verified in order to determine the fee.

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    Thank you for your reply. While I appreciate that there is a means to obtain my call history prior to the last 120 days, the process is extremely inconvenient. Having to take the time to drive to one of your stores, wait in line, and prove who I am just to have the privilege of paying for a paper copy is ridiculous. Is this 2016 or 1996?

    It would appear that this "service" is something you're legally obligated to provide rather than something you developed with your customers in mind.

    If you have the call history for the last 18 months, why isn't it available online or via email? I need this in electronic form, not on paper.