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CableCard kit. Is the tuning adapter included?

Just ordered a CableCard kit yesterday for a TiVo Bolt.  Wanted to make sure the tuning adapter is part of the kit, or should I request it separately. I see no mention of it on my order.  Just curious, and also don't want to end up waiting on that after the fact.


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  • It was included when I got a cable card for my Bolt, along with instructions, cables, splitter and filter.

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    was it all in one box?  Omaha didn't have tuning adapters at the star, but does use them now

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    Well Cox claims it's included when I asked them, but ultimately I guess it doesn't matter because 5 days in they still haven't bothered to ship it to me.

  • I can't remember if it was all in one box.  I went into the store, told them I had a Bolt and left with everything I needed.  It seemed like a pretty unified thought.

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    I don't recall if they're actually part of the kit however they are loaned for free so long as you have a TV/Cablecard subscription so getting you one shouldn't be a problem either way. Our solutions store is also an option if one is conveniently located near you.

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    So after 5 days, I decided to check on the order.  On the website I checked and it still said PROCESSING. I got on the Online tech support and she said "it is on a FedEx vehicle, out for delivery."  A nice surprise!  SO I asked for the tracking number, and they couldn't supply it... so I get suspicious.  A few hours later I hit them up again, this guy says "the order is stuck in Processing.  I escalated it.  It should ship on the 29th."   So now I'm furious....  1) it hasn't shipped, 2) Cox LIED to me.  3) I've wasted nearly a week.  

    I call the number, sit through 2 or three idiots who are reading cue cards before I finally get the one Cox employee who knows what they were talking about. Suddenly, the option to simply pick up the cableCard pack at the local Cox store is an option!  Where was this five days (and two LIES) ago????

    I pick up the cablecard pack (yes the TA was included, to answer the original question) , install it, get it up and running (once again taking getting through 4 idiot Cox employees before finding a super nice and knowledgeable girl who rocked the setup.   

    So yea, I'm up and running.  No thanks to Cox Customer Dis-Service

  • Hi Gregg37,

    I'm so sorry that this was such a frustrating experience! The option to pick up a CableCARD (with Tuning Adaptor)--or any other Cox equipment--at a Cox Solutions Store is always an option. Did you place your original order online or speak to a representative? I'm glad to hear that everything is installed and working at this time.