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Cable Trespassing


 There is a Cox cable improperly installed on my neighbors house, it runs across our property from the pole and is not within 15ft of an electrical box for proper grounding. Besides the safety issue here, the front half of our double is rented out and the cable looks bad, makes our place look cheap. I want it move (have been told its not a big deal) and have asked cox to do this multiple times over the last few months...Does anyone else have Cox cables trespassing across their property or improperly installed? We are planned to back charge cox the lease fee @100/ft per month.

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  • It sounds like this is a line that needs to be buried if it was not an aerial line in the first place. Please send us an email with the address that the line is going to and your address to along with a link to this forum post so that we can take a look into this for you.

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