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Cable signal >35% with Tivo through Cox cable card and tuning adapter

I've been trying to install a Tivo Premier using a cable card and tuning adapter from Cox. It is connected and the tuning adapter has a solid green light.  I checked the signal strength and the average on channels is about 35% signal strength which isn't allowing me to get a tv picture.
Is there a way to boost the signal to my house remotely?
Or would a tech be able to drop a new cable wire by a window which is 6 feet from the Cox cable box on the exterior side of my house? The current wire through the attic is old and un-serviceable.

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    are you sure the cable card is working? we have tivo roamio with about the same signal and get video.

  • Hi Jonas,

    It sounds like we need to get a tech out to you! A tech would be able to resolve the source of the signal issue and lay a new drop if necessary. Please email my team at and include your full name, address, and a link to this post. We'll get you squared away!