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cable shuts off by itself, doesn't always turn back on

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Hi aneeyore,

We may need to take a closer look at the account with you and review the signal and history. Are all services affected, and when you say it is shutting off, are you getting any error messages on channels, or a black picture with a no signal message? Does the front panel on the Receiver show the time, or does it appear to change like it is resetting on its own?
Dec 29 (1 day ago)
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it shuts off....there is nothing on the front of the machine....most times it will start up on its own but the last 2 or 3 days I have had to go on line and to your site to restart it.....there are no error messages, nothing , just a black tv and nothing on the machine....sometimes it will look like it is restarting, and then goes black.....I live in....

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  • Hi aneeyore,

    I had to edit your message because it contained your contact information. You may always email us at; however, we do appreciate you utilizing our Forums for this technical concern.

    This Model S/A EXPLORER 3250 (STB) is showing me there is an LED panel on the front. When you power on the STB with the remote or by the power button on the front, does the front panel LED lights show you the time or anything to signify the power is on before you reset? Only after the reset is when you see the STB lights go through the load and time?

    There is a good signal to the STB, and I can see where the STB has responded to the resets sent over the automated. Remotely it is tough to determine if this is strictly a receiver issue, but customers have the option to swap a STB for an equivalent at the nearest Solution Store.