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Cable Modem/Internet - does it go in standby at night?

We moved to a different place in Vegas this past summer and I've noticed almost every morning it seems as though the internet access needs a few minutes to "wakeup".  For instance, I'll power up a laptop or iPad and for about five minutes and I can almost never connect to the internet (WIFI connects fine to the Cox Cable Modem).

If I give up and retry in 5 to 10 minutes it is fine.  What is unusual is that sometimes I can connect to local sites (Review Journal, etc.) but not to USA Today or Google News for instance.  As though it is establishing routes outside the local metro.....

I have Mediacom and Comcast accounts at other locations and have NEVER had this issue.

Is there a "Sleep Mode" in the Cox cable modem that needs to be disabled?

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    What are you doing and what is happening on your device? What are you expecting to happen? What type of device are you using? Are you getting an error message or icon?