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Cable Card

I recently moved from NJ to Las Vegas, and I am trying to get my cable card activated, so I called Cox technical support.

Seems the tech support team was unaware of what I am talking about.

I tried to explain that with Windows Media Center, you can use a cable card with a tuner in the computer to watch live TV.

BTW, I am using  Ceton InfinTV 6 tuner with Media Center.

In order for this setup to work you need to provide the following information (4 items) to Cox, or your local cable provider

  1. CableCard Serial number
  2. CableCard ID
  3. Host ID
  4. Data

The tech support that I spoke to on Saturday July 30th at 1PM told me, after talking to her supervisor that either Cox does not support cable cards at all and that I needed to resolve this with a 3rd party vendor?

Is thee anyone on this forum that can suggest a path for me to have my cable card activated?


I was able to get the card activated in seconds using Verizon FIOS.

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