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cable box

We had a thunderstorm last night and after a really close lightning strike, our cable box blacked out. What's weird is that it's plugged into a surge protector and nothing else (including the wifi modem) that is plugged into it, was affected. I have tried unplugging it and letting it sit overnight before plugging it back in. I have tried the power button on the box and on the remote without success. Usually when lightning effects anything, it is the microwave and stove clocks, but they were not affected this time, just the cable box ! I even tried going online to use the cable signal reset tool with no results. Do I have to get a new box ? It is a Motorola DCX3200M. Thank you.

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    Surge may have come in through the coaxial. I would suggest a technician come out to inspect your line for damage and to replace any equipment while there.