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Cable Box Not Working

I experienced a power outage today and when the power came back up, my cable box didn't. It is still dark with no time flashing. I have plugged it in and out several times, but it still is not working. Has my cable box died? Do I need to order another one?


Paula Krueger

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  • pkrueger501

    I'm not seeing that the cable box is getting any sort of a cable signal. It seems like you have tried all of the troubleshooting that we would have asked you to do. We can try plugging a lamp into the same electrical outlet that the cable box is currently connected to and see if it lights up, if it does, we know that the issue is the cable box. If the lamp doesn't light up, the issue would be that electrical outlet. Please give that a try and let me know the outcome.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator