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Buffering streaming tv with 50 mbps connection speed.

I use a ps4 to stream netflix, play station vue, etc.  I don't have trouble gaming, and my ping is usually better than others during in game activity, however, when I try to stream netflix or vue, I get a constant stop and buffer.  It's very annoying.  While it is buffering, I can run a speed test, and I'm getting 30-40 mbps per the ps4 speed test. What could be causing this for streaming video?  

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  • loco5150

    I just took a look at your modem and can see that it's been online for over 61 days without being reset. I'd like to clear the ARP cache and reset the modem. Please let us know if it's OK to do that.

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    You're not crazy loco5150

    Go here Packet Loss, slow/stuttering streams, slow page loads...