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box specs

Hello, All I have is cable and one TV - that's it - I do not own nor want a DVR - I would like to buy my own mini box but I am at a loss as to what parameters to look for - what type of box will work and what type of box will conflict with Cox.  

When I decided to buy my own Modem I found a good article in the support section that outlined exactly what I needed to look for and which ones were going to be outdated soon.  That was great and much appreciated.

I can't seem to find something along those same lines - a help article that would list "This is what you need and this is what you want to stay away from."  Does it exist?  If not it should - I grew very frustrated bouncing around between different posts Cox website, and the various "Learn about the active and inactive ports......"  ----- 

I do not own a counter TV - I have a very nice TV that I'm happy with.

Just tell me please what I need to buy - connecting the device is not a problem.

Thank you

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    Can't buy your own mini box or any cable box that Cox rents. If you were able to purchase one, Cox would not put it on your account. That is why you can't find any documents on the best way to do it, because it can't be done. You could buy a a QAM tuner box, and then rent a cable card from Cox, but Cox themselves won't sell(will rent) you anything for cable.