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Box not showing correct time

Our problem started with on demand not working, and has not worked in about a month, problem was "escalted", which generally means Cox will not fix the problem. When resetiing the cable box to see if that would work, our cable box will no longer show the correct time, and will not load the guide information, And we left for Thanksgiving dinner and came back 8 hours later and the problem did not resolve.

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    I can reset the box remotely to see if that will correct the issue. Does this happen on more than one box in the home? Please email your account information to so we can look into this for you.
  • I used live chat in the app, jerry was helpful and scheduled a tech visit. After chat ended i disconnected the coax and reconnected, time and guide load now but not on-demand.

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    Is the cable straight from the wall to the receiver or is there a splitter?