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Bounced Emails/Mailbox Full

I have every email being bounced because it would have caused my mailbox quota to be exceeded. I spent hours last night deleting lots of emails, but that doesn't seem to have helped because the bouncing continues this morning. HELP! What can I do to stop this? Can I increase the size of my mailbox for just a bit so I can delete more emails? When I send myself an email from my work email address, all I got back was "Undeliverable Mail Administrator "

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    TiffanyR said:
    Hello Johnna,

    Unfortunately there is not a way to increase your mailbox limit. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the best way to handle this is to delete the emails that are not needed to keep.

    Like I said.....I spent hours last night deleting emails only to have email continue to bounce back all day today. I don't understand why this is happening because I did delete A LOT of emails. And yes, there is a way to increase the email box size....upgrade your internet package.
  • The 2GB limit is absurd (we get many emails that have attachments). Google has a 15GB limit and its free.

    The time it is taking to login to webmail then load page-after-page of emails to delete is again, absurd.

    Then you have to go to the Trash and wait countless minutes for the deleted emails to show up. Then you have to waste more valuable time loading page-after-page so you can actually delete them all.

    I thought, let me set up a rule in webmail that could do this for me ~ nope ~ no-can-do.

    You MUST allow us, your customer, to somehow allow webmail to AUTOMATICALLY delete emails as we approach the minuscule 2GB limit. There is no reason this should become a daily chore. AND IT IS A CHORE!

    We have 20 years worth of using Cox as our internet provider ~ if things don't change that will be coming to an end.

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    If you're deleting from an Apple device using the mail app they may not actually be getting deleted but instead going into a folder created by Mail designed for items you no longer want. Our system will not recognize that this folder is for deleted emails and will preserve them instead. One way to check for this is to sign into and see if you have more than 1 folder appearing to be for trash or deleted items.

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    I have the same issue.  How can I delete all emails in this account all at once.  Right now, about 30 emails stack up and I can delete those.  Then more follow.  It's an endless stream.  There has to be a way to delete all of these emails.  Thank you.

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    Hi West O K,

    Are you attempting to delete multiple messages through Webmail or an email client such as Outlook or MacMail?