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Blurry Channels

From the moment I installed the mini-box's I have had problems with blurry channels. I even tried upgrading one of the TV's to a Receiver/DVR hoping the problems would end. Now more than two months later I am still struggling with channels that can never be counted on, and more than 13 tech visits to my home. A new line from the pole to my house has been installed, along with a new line into my house. I am at a loss as to what to do, but really do not want to change to a satellite co. Prior to Cox going all digital I never had any problems with my cable. Does anyone have any suggestions on things I might try, or who I could talk to. More than half the techs have told me the problem is in the line and not in my house, but the problem never gets fixed. Any ideas?

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    Do you have an older analog TV or a newer digital TV with hdmi input?  How are you connected from the box to the TV?  When you say blurry are you talking pixelated (small rectangular boxes) or actually out of focus?  In this digital age, if there is a cable problem it normally shows up as no or pixelated picture, not out of focus / snowy like the analog days.  The questions are just trying to narrow down the problem to before or after the STB.

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    Another though I'd add, are you using the zoom feature to alter the image that would otherwise be displaying black bars on the sides or the top/bottom? Many people don't like seeing the black bars designed to make the picture display correctly however using the zoom feature to remove them can cause the picture to look distorted.