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Blocking unwanted calls and robocalls

I have called people who have had a service that when called says 'that if you are a salesperson, donation organization to please remove this number from your call list.' We are considering changing our phone service to COX.

Does COX have a service like this?

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    I don't think Cox offers that.  There are 2 other features offered by other companies that do something similar.  Some make the caller speak his name into the phone in order to connect the call.  The recipient can decide if he wants to answer after listening to the name. I bought that feature and it was not a success.  The solicitors and robocallers just kept talking and defeated the system. Another feature has a recording that tells a caller " This customer won't accept solicitor calls.  Press ONE to continue."  That works but it can make legitimate callers mad.  Cox doesn't offer either of these.

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    We don't have this feature currently. I can submit a request to have it reviewed as a future option. Please email me at with the account details and your request.

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    Please let me know if and how this option can be activated through my call history.  Your immediate assistance and reply will be appreciated!