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Block a Call #

How do you block a # with Cox......I see something about you have to have a subscription to the feature. The word subscription means a charge to me............... do you have to pay for something to be able to block a harassing #

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    Yes, you have to pay for the service.  it is called Selective Call Rejection.  you can block 29 numbers (total).   I hope that Cox improves that; you can fill 29 spaces in 2 days with telemarketers.   some phones have built-in "call block".  one home phone allows you to block 300 numbers.  only you can decide if it is worth the money; the phones cost apx. $80.   

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    Thank You Yak...................... I was afraid of that. As much as I pay for my Cox service and as long as I have been a loyal customer without jumping back and forth, it would be nice if something like this was free to loyal customers. I guess there is no loyalty today though, you have to jump ship between companies to get perks. Don't think I have one of those phones that does the blocking, but gives me something to think about. Thank you for the answer.
  • Hi Shende,

    Do you subscribe to Cox Digital Telephone service? You may already have the Selective Call Rejection feature. It is included in the Cox Digital Telephone Premier package.