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Black screen/Blue screen

Yesterday morning I turned my TV off when things were fine. In the evening I turned it back on and all I had was a blue screen. The contour box didn't respond to any commands. I went on line and did a reset and nothing but a black screen. I disconnected the power and reconnected and the unit rebooted but again nothing, black screen. I was pushing the buttons and the green light flashed so I know the box was alive and it started recording a program I set up before, red light came on. While I was doing these things the contour mini was working fine on another set except when I was rebooting the main box, the picture would freeze until the main box rebooted, then the mini started working again. I gave up for the night. This morning we find that the main contour box is working fine and have normal TV. We were also made aware, for the first time, that Cox is in discussions with channel supplier and we are lacking KETV. So it comes down to this, did my contour quit working and started working by it's self, or did someone push a button and stopped all video from my main box? Again the mini was working fine so I wouldn't think there was a network problem. Spent a lot of time trying to solve this when there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Tomzee,

    We can look to see if there was a known issue with the model receiver at that time. We're also happy to check the signal to the receiver to see if there may be a problem there. Please send us an email to with your full service address so that we may do so.

    Thank you,