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I just had to reduce my services down to basics to reduce my bill to $217.98 a dos.

I was paying $246.91 a mos.

I have been with Cox for 15 years.

New sign ups to Cox services can get way better service then I am getting now for $130.00 a mos.


Why is that I can be loyal to Cox for 15 years and it does mean anything?

I don't think this is right.

Many be I need to seek some other provider.

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    the prices go up after the promo rates are over just about every business treats new customers better than loyal customers

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    Hi Sales forum,

    We appreciate your loyalty for 15 years and we don't want to lose you. Please email us at

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I'm a 12 year customer.  I contacted CS about my rising bill (we're retired, on fixed income) and was offered $5 off my bill.  My bill went up $8.  There is no hope for any kind of relief.  We're researching other options.

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    Hi Neelie,

    We want to help! Please send us an email at