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Billing and performance

Why is it that because I only have your internet service and because I don't have one of your ever-changing packages you are now charging me $5  more per month?. To make things worse my internet slows down. I went to your website so I could send an email to your billing department but low and behold no link for email. It seems you allow Tweeting which is an insult, or live chat which accomplishes nothing or a telephone call which leads to automatic menus. Whatever happened to using email? Are you afraid someone might find you have confidentially classified emails and you will need to find a cloth in order to wipe it?

Please be advised that raising my rate because I only want internet service and have no need for your overpriced and ever-changing billing packages, and also have no need for a telephone service because I already have more advanced smartphone services, that I am in the market for replacing your services altogether.

No matter what services I have purchased from you in the many years I have been a Cox customer, you have ALWAYS increased my bill after 6 months and tell me it's my responsibility to check with you to find out what and when a new package is available so my rates don't increase. This is why I quit your cable tv service and only stayed with internet, yet now you are sticking it to me again. You are deceivers and should not be in business.

One more thing. I originally came to your website today to check for service outages or issues. I did this because I am now experiencing horrendous buffering. That's funny because you have a tv commercial that slams Century Link for their buffering and touts how Cox internet NEVER buffers. Of course you would place the blame on my equipment because it's what you always do before checking your own network.

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  • Hi t_tucson,

    This forum is primarily intended for the discussion of technical issues among peers.  Please email us at with your account details and we'd be happy to assist you further.  We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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    Same boat here.  There was a notice from the billing page and only one place "view bill detail--> View Billing Messages" will you find this "notice".   

    It's a sad day.