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I have been a customer of Cox for over 45 years.  When I received a DVR many years ago, I was given a Motorola Antique which i still have.  I tried to find out if I could receive an updated box but, quite frankly, I am not willing to pay more per month.  My Current bill is over $147 per month and I am on automatic billing.  They indicated I could get a Contour box, but i don't want Contour.  In fact, I would like to eliminate the Entertainment Package and Military Station.  My problem with the current DVR is the amount of space.  The box keeps eliminating things I have not yet looked at because they need the space for new recordings.  The Chat line was no help at all except she kept saying Contour Box for $8.99 or $12.99 but could not tell me what I am currently paying.  In view of the money I have paid you through the years, I do not think I am asking for too much for newer and I only asked if you had boxes, not Contour, with more memory.  I am getting tired of Cox not trying to assist me when I hardly ever ask you for anything.  I could not find a detailed online bill so I could see what I am paying for things because the chat person kept saying look at your fill.  At this point, I am seriously thinking about Direct TV which I can now get for only $50.00 per month.  Even if they have bad service it is just as Cox has and I pay you almost 3 times that amount.

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    Hi questions from a cox customer,

    We'd be happy to review the account and address your concerns, however, we're unfortunately unable to discuss billing/account specific issues in a public technical forum. Please email our team at Be sure to include your name, complete address, and your concern so that we can assist.