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"Bigger orgasms, harder erections" .. Was this really from Cox??

I was prompted this morning to take a survey because my "IP address was randomly selected."

Because of the way the survey came up, and the questions it asked, I have reason to believe it was in fact a Cox survey. However, at the end I was promised $70 worth of stuff I can use, which turned out to be a page that looks like this:

That's right.. a bunch of sleazy health products with lame titles, fake reviews and broad-daylight garbage promises like "Bigger orgasms, harder erections, longer performance"

I'm really hoping you can tell me that this was somehow not from Cox because it's pretty low for such a public brand.

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    Honestly?  It's trivial to find out what ISP you are coming through and have a page "look" official.  It probably said something about being a Cox subscriber... etc.  Here is an example:

    It's based on the same scam that the tech support pop-ups come from - so don't get fooled.