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Beware of shady Cox early billing on the add-on data you buy over the 1 TB cap!

My level of Cox weariness just went off the charts. Relenting to the top-down, authoritarian money grab associated with this new Unlimited Data Plan, I added this plan to my Cox account to avoid the inevitable theft associated with the $10/50GB overage charges that Cox planned here in the Phoenix area starting October 1st. On September 18th, I called Cox billing to MAKE CERTAIN that the $49.95 monthly extortion for the Unlimited Data Plan would not be put into effect until October 1st, as I wanted to be covered by the grace period set up for customers before that date. The Cox billing agent I called assured me that the Plan charge would not occur until October 1st when the grace period expired. I come to find out that the Cox billing system is authorized to bill you for the additional data DURING THE GRACE PERIOD because Cox never had its IT department reconfigure their servers to prevent "add-on services" from generating a pro-rata charge for data, even during the grace period!

To prove to the forum that this occured, take a look at my upcoming bill (which has personal info redacted). The higher-ups at Cox will put their hands deeply into your pockets whenever they can. Remember, YOU ARE ONLY A NUMBER AT COX. Even if you've been a loyal customer for 24 years, you will be viewed as nothing more than a source of revenue. I did not ask for this data cap. But I'll be darn sure that each and every time Cox oversteps its bounds with overcharging, I will take out the virtual pots and pans and start banging them like mad so that other customers can see and hear what opportunism lurks at Cox Communications.

And yes, I demanded they refund me the Partial Month Data charge they told me I would not be billed for in the first place...and they did. My patience is running very thin with this monopolistic, opportunistic leviathan of a company. Only Comcast reaches even deeper into the slime than Cox, but Cox is catching up to them.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS CHECK and RECHECK your upcoming Cox bill. You must do this when you are captive to opportunists.

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    Hi VeryCoxWeary,

    We're happy to address your concerns, however, we're unable to discuss billing issues in a public technical forum. Please email our team at Be sure to include your name, complete address, and your issue.