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Battery for Cable Telephone Modem

Can I purchase an appropriate backup battery for the Cisco modem from a source other than Cox and install it myself?  Thanks!

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    I'm not seeing any information on your specific question. The only information we have is how we provide the battery to customers. Do you have a battery that you acquired from a different source?

  • I have not yet acquired a battery, but they are available from other sources.  For example, one can purchase a battery for the Cisco DPQ3212 modem from Amazon:


    I don't know how the price compares with what Cox offers.  The one thing that concerns me about getting and installing the battery is this statement from the product description:

    "Battery Port on your Modem needs to be active by the activated on your modem by your service provider. "

    While the English needs a little revision, it seems to indicate that the Cox needs to approve of me installing a battery into the modem.  Is this true?  If so, is it activated?  Or, do I need to do go through a certain procedure other than installing the battery itself?  Will Cox let me install a battery that I didn't purchase from Cox?  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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    @sd caller from sd

    You can check this link and look under additional battery information

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    jonathonj,  what does that link tell us about the battery needing to be approved by Cox?  and the question of whether the modem has to be approved (sd caller from sd asked) by Cox before the battery can be installed? 

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    So sorry to hear that you need to purchase a backup battery for a telephone! If COX kept the original landline, you would not need a battery!