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Banner Duration For New Contour Remote

I read the answers to the question on how to increase the duration of the Banners but they are dated by the older remotes. I am trying to increase the duration of the new display of the Banner which is too short for my usage and according to Cox Tech Support is not adjustable for the new Contour.

If there is a way to increase the Banner Duration, I would appreciate the information. If this is not adjustable, then this should be changed by Cox. It is much too short a default setting for usage by either myself or my wife.

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  • Hello JosephBlowers,

    The feature to change banner duration isn't available for Contour 2. I've shared your interest in seeing this feature as an option. Thank you.

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    If you had the old Contour it would be adjustable in the SETTINGS menu near the top of your remote. 

    I found the short setting to be way too long so I complained and they changed it for Contour 2. Maybe I'll get the 2 since the old one is acting up anyway and I hate waiting for them to update the old box. 

    I wonder if they ever will...