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Bad signal disruption for local channels

The past couple of rainy nights, there has been bad signal disruption for the local channels. They seemed fine when the skies were clear. Tonight (Thursday 10/6) I could barely watch channel 7 (NBS - KSNT). It would black out, then when it did come back on it was pixelated (not sure of the right word) so bad we could only see about 2 seconds of an image. I reset the "mini-box" but the local channels are still messed up, including the Weather Channel - which was fine earlier in the evening before the storms came through. Is this the kind of reception we're going to get every time it storms? Is this a widespread problem in the Topeka area? As stated, other channels seem fine - like the SciFi, the "higher" channels seem fine. Thanks

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  • Are you still having trouble with your channels?

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    Still had to reboot the mini box a couple times, esp during the rainstorm. This morning the lower tier channels were bad as well as the mid-range channels. I didn't have time to reboot the mini-box. There was still some pixelating in early afternoon. However, I noticed two Cox vehicles working in our apartment complex for quite some time in the afternoon. After they left, the reception has been excellent so far ... so am wondering if the problem was loose connections to the main hook ups. Hoping there will be no more problems :)
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    Hello Downtherabbithole101,

    That's good to hear that the service is working now. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. Thanks