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Automatically switch to channel after you set reminder


There used to be a function in pre-HDTV set top boxes regarding reminders about a program start.  If there was a program starting in the future that you wanted to be sure to watch, you could set a reminder that would give you a message, and then switch to the programs channel, and it would even turn the set top box on so if your TV was on you began seeing the program.

Does that function still exist in the new HDTV set top boxes?  Or is there some function or combinations of functions that accomplish what I want?


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  • Hi Jdugal,

    Each of our current video platforms has an option to set up a program reminder. The reminder only works if the receiver is powered on, however. Choose a future program from the Guide and press the Select button on your remote. Use the down arrow to scroll down to "set reminder." Is this the function you're looking for?