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Auto record San Diego Padres games.

I'm still trying to figure out how to put the San Diego Padres games on auto record. We have Contour, but don't know if it's contour 2. As advanced as Cox communications is, seem like this would be a simple thing to program. I asked about this at the beginning of baseball season last year. We only want the live ballgames and not the rest of the Padres stuff to be auto recorded.

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    if it's like the Tivo guides they list it as MLB baseball not by teams might try setting up a season pass for mlb baseball padres games

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    Hi Stephanie, The model # of my Cisco receiver is 9865. It'd be great if we could go to "Favorite Teams" and Record all San Diego Padres games. I have to do each one individually. 

       Thanks, Lois

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    Thank you for the suggestion. This is not a feature at this time but I can submit a request to have it reviewed to add in the future. Please email me at with the account details and a link to this post.