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Aug 4 email problems

As of Aug 4, I have been having the same email problems that several people on the Cox forums have been having. I can send and receive from WebMail but I can only send thru Outlook. When I try to receive emails in Outlook 2010. I get an Invalid User Id or Password. Three of your reps had me changing passwords right and left but nothing worked. Then they ended the chats. I tried to set up my email on a friends laptop that has Outlook 2016 on it. I got the same error message when I tried to receive emails but I could send from her laptop. She can send and receive her Cox email on her laptop so Outlook does not appear to be the problem. Microsoft says the problem is not in Outlook so where do I go now? They said something has happened to my account at Cox. It looks like some other people on this forum have the same problem.

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    I had the August 4th problems.  In the morning i could not send.  In the afternoon, i could not receive.  That problem cleared up by itself without me doing anything.   I have had good luck with Cox Phone Support techs for email problems.  I have not had good luck with their Chat option.  Sorry that i don't have a fix for your problem.