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Audio video sync issues on. demand ONLY

Audio is in advance of video by a few seconds on demand only, not when live. This is with Contour 2 box. Since it is NOT live, it is NOT a receiver or audio wire issue. Any help?

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    Please confirm the folder and title this occurred. Do you have a sound bar or any other equipment connected between the cable receiver and TV?

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    Is it on all shows On Demand, or just this particular show you were watching.
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    Hi ahpendo,

    Please provide us with the name of the 2 shows so we can check them from our on-demand and see if we can duplicate the issue.

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    This is happening right now with 'Blacklist: Redemption' S1 Episode 6  on NBC on demand in Tucson. 'Veep' (HBO) and 'Shades of Blue' (NBC) last night. We have a contour  box as well. not sure of the episode numbers of those.

  • brucej and ahpendo,

    I have reviewed episodes of Great News and Blacklist: Redemption' S1 Episode 6 and I wasn't able to duplicate the audio video sync you've shared. Is this still happening, if so, please include the series and episode number(s), so we can continue to investigate this.

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    Seems to happen on all ABC shows right now (Trial and Error, Modern Family, Last Man Standing, etc.)

  • Hello RW-FL,

    Is the audio and video sync still happening on both receivers with ABC On Demand for you? How long has this been happening?