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Audio Sync Issue

Hello, the audio seems to go off sync about once an hour while both watching live tv and recorded programs. I changed out the HDMI cable and have reset the box and problem still exists. To get the audio back in sync I simply have to turn off the box then turn back on, then I am good for another hour or so. Do I need to get a new box? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Zosomon,

    Thanks for letting us know what steps have been taken so far. It is possible there could be an issue with the receiver, and your findings based off of turning off the receiver is a temporary fix. We do want to assist in finding a permanent solution.

    Is this happening on the Host or a client receiver? When did this start happening? How is your setup connected from the Receiver to the TV? Is the HDMi connection straight from the Cox receiver to the HDTV? Is there a sound system included in the setup for this TV?