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Audio out on HD FOX news

Why is the audio not working on HD  FOX news on channel 1047 in Phoenix?  The audio seems to be working for all the other HD channels.  The audio is working on the standard definition FOX news channel 0047.

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    yor better off calling cox this is for customers to hel other customers Cox does not respond here quickly to questions

  • Hello,

    Please power cycle the cable box and let us know if that helps. Also, is this happening on all tv's in the home or just one? 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    First, whats wrong with getting help from other users? The is the perfect kind of question for a user forum IMO. 

    Second, have you checked if SAP (Secondary Audio Program) is enabled on channel 1047? Some channels won't have secondary audio (usually Spanish) so if you turn on SAP accidentally, it will mute the audio. For more info on how to check if SAP is on, what model cable box do you have? See here for a list and picture of different boxes. 

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    Got it fixed.  Operator error on my part. Thanks for all the replies.