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Audio on Contour App on PC.

I am experiencing a problem with audio on Contour.  I run it as an internet explorer app on a Windows PC I use for my home theater.  The past couple of times I have watched programs on the contour app, the audio has been broken.  I can use the same IE for YouTube videos with no problems, and the same PC for my DVR and live TV via my Ethernet TV Tuner with no audio problems.  I cannot confirm the last time it was OK, but I have been using the Contour app for at least 12 months, probably more than 36, actually, with no audio problems, but this problem has come up since the 4th of July holiday.  I have tried backing off the volume control for IE with no effect. 

Please escalate this to Engineering, Quality Assurance, as I do need to occasionally use Contour to watch content when my DVR fails to pick up a recording.

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  • pgarrish,

    I've not seen other reports of what you've described. What version of IE and operating system are you using on your Windows PC? Please test the Contour web app with a different browser on your Windows PC and let me know if you have the same experience.

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    I have same issue but on Android OS 4.4.4.  It does it with or without head phones.  It may play for 15 seconds, start skipping, then good and back to skipping.

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    I am using a PC for my home theatre running Windows 8.1Pro 64 bit with Windows Media Center and Internet Explorer 11.  I have tried it on another PC, running Windows 10 and Edge and not experienced the problem.

    I have not tried a different browser on the Home Theatre PC, but I can try something different.  Do you have a particular browser that you recommend instead of Internet Explorer 11?

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    That is the same symptom I see on the PC with Win8.1 and IE11.

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    Try using chrome or firefox and please keep us updated.

  • 1989Pollo,

    Please ensure you have the most recent version of the Android app installed.