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Arris TG2472 telephony modem in Phoenix?

Noticed that in StephanieA response to "16x4 eMTA for Ultimate," she posts that her Arris TG2472 works splendidly. Maybe she is in California, but could I buy and have one provisioned in Phoenix? Incentive is that a refurbished TG2472 is offered for under $100, but the TG1682G is $153 new. All I'm looking for is an upgrade from my 8x4 telephony modem, not necessarily a "panoramic" upgrade, as my Linksys AC router is working fine with my "ultimate" package.

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    Our telephony modems that support Ultimate service are gateway models. You can purchase your own stand alone modem and use it for the internet and separate the phone service from the internet service. You will want to make sure the modem fits the recommendations for the level of service you have. Here's a link to our compatible modems list.

    If you would like to upgrade and get a gateway, you can swap the eMTA at the Solution Store.