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Arris TG1682G modem Admin Page

A cox tech installed a new TG1682G modem for us today. I want to check out the admin page and change the admin password. I work from home and this is a requirement from our CISO. The modem has a sticker indicating the modem admin page is at

I have plugged my MacBook pro into the RJ45 jack. I can hit the internet. My local ip address is However, I can't get the admin page to come up. The browser just times out with the message that the server took too long to respond.

I looked for documentation on the TG1682G - there is a comcast user guide online but it doesn't document this process. In general the documentation on this device is nearly non-existent. COX doesn't have it listed in its modem docs.

The modem is router is showing up on

FWIW, I have also tried connecting through Wifi. Same issue.

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    If you have typed that address from a previous router then you will need to clear your browser cache/history and try again

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    Fellow TG1682 user here who encountered no problem accessing the gateway's admin page, possibly because in my case there was no previous browser cache/history to purge or delete. I couldn't say for sure; it functioned when I first attempted it.

    As for the lamentable lack of documentation for a device we have no choice but to rent, it would have served paying customers better if Cox had more plainly stated that you're on your own as far as finding and saving any TG1682 manuals or user guides.

    Case in point is that although it is listed in the officially sanctioned list of approved devices on, clicking on the device in question on that page (ARRIS / Surfboard TG1682) brings the user to the frustrating new page where is listed:

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