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arris tg1682g - do not try add any Static IP in config - device will do cycle reload after applying forever ...


Checked with 3 devices ...  Arris tg1682g  absolutely new modem / router / ac  etc ... with beautiful name Panoramic ... BUT  after you trying to add any your home Static IP address  table with MAC and name  etc ... DHCP looks like has an issue and device starting cycle reload .and only reset to factory can alive it ...    

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    Are you attempting to assign IPs from your router to your devices? For this you would need to log into your router to attempt to do this.

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    This router can assign all local network devices by own DHCP  !!! Only !!! .... Any attempt to setup any my own device MAC  using Static IP option inside router interface !!! - after saving of changes  and rebooting of this router you will never have it back ... Cycle reloading process starting...  Only reset to fabric by pin can help.  Its not only with my test new 2 devices from COX Office or issue with my DOCSYS cable - I also tested it with same model router at different city district.     Only one way -  setup manual IP for each my devices - but its not convenient if you have more than 15-20 internal IP !!!- also how to manage unmanaged devices ???  ... :-)  Device itself may be good and has great design and DOCSYS functionality ... But EU interface is full garbage !!!! Slow and silly ...  I'm IT Engineer with  30+ years of experience but never seen such  kind of EU interface with not working functionality .... It alway concerned all previous DOCSYS devices from Cisco or Netgear with lot of not-working or hidden options BUT BASE OPTION-  Static IP assignment always worked....

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    Are you attempting to establish a connection to allow port forwarding options, or attempting to open one of the modem's ports by setting it to bridge mode?