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Arris SBG6700-AC Slow and Dropping Wifi

I have seen a few other forum posts regarding slow/dropped WiFi connections through Arris devices. The solution is consistently to disable IPv6 (link-local only) in the device settings. I have searched high and low in the settings, but am unable to find this option in settings for my Arris SBG6700-AC. Anybody know where this is?

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    The setting is in an Apple AirPort Extreme.  I think the solution you found was a compatibility issue between Cox rollout of ipv6 and the AirPort router, the work-a-round is disabling ipv6 in the AirPort by using link-local only setting.  I haven't seen similar issues with Arris gateways.  To narrow down your issue, please try testing with a wired connection to the gateway.  What speed do you get wired?  Are you still getting drops?

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    I haven't heard of any IPv6 compatibility issues with the Arris SBG6700. Can you provide more details about what's happening? Allen's suggestion of testing with a wired connection to the Arris is an excellent troubleshooting step. Follow the steps at and run the Cox Internet Tools Speed Test tool a few times so we can take a look at your results.