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Arris SBG6580-2 Router briefly but frequently drops internet connection, wifi signal stays strong throughout

I recently set up a new Arris SBG6580-2 router/modem combo.  Probably once every 10-15 minutes it will drop the internet connection for 5-10 seconds and then reconnect.  The wifi signal stays strong even while the internet connection has dropped out.  

I have tested my devices on other wifi networks and this only happens when connected to my router.

My router's event log shows these two errors repeatedly occurring every few days:

Tue May 30 01:10:05 2017 Critical (3) Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=bc:64:4b:9a:da:7d;CMTS-MAC=a4:4c:11:8a:dc:79;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
Mon May 29 09:14:04 2017 Error (4) DHCP RENEW WARNING - Field invalid in response v4 option;CM-MAC=bc:64:4b:9a:da:7d;CMTS-MAC=a4:4c:11:8a:dc:79;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;

I have tried several different channels.  My current shows "acceptable" interference levels.

My security is set to WPA2-PSK (AES).

I have disabled WPS.

Thanks for your help.

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  • rjpeterson,

    I've looked at your modem logs and am seeing where most of the errors are where the wifi channel was changing quite often, due to interference. The few time-out errors you see are normally signal related. Does your modem's coaxial cable connect directly to the cable outlet or is there a splitter on the line?