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cant get in Network Utilities or client list ???????? for 3 days now (***)  TG1682  any software like netgear???

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  • MR wright,

    I'd like to help. Are you having trouble with certain websites, trouble with all websites, or is the trouble with software on your computer? Are all devices affected?


    Check this out cox you are putting thousands of peoples personal data at risk I've been fighting this losing battle for over a month now have lost over $1000 in finding solutions. But there is none and you guys happily rent these cable modem out to your customers all day!!!! Knowing that people are at risk.

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    Might have been an interesting read. Two years ago. Something a wee bit more current might engage a few more readers.




    Gotta love how all the vulnerabilities and exploits they discover and describe usually end with one or more variations of the following:


    ...researchers have found no evidence of attackers successfully using this exploit.


    ...our attempted access to affected devices using this vulnerability was blocked, which usually means the OEM or ISP has already issued a patch.


    ...then all a hacker needs to do is stand on one foot while holding a banana, spinning precisely 2.3 times around in a clockwise direction (if on standard time, 2.325 times around if on DST), tossing said banana into the air each time he passes true north (DO NOT ATTEMPT USING MAGNETIC NORTH), and catching the banana whilst in a generally south-southwesterly direction (not being more precise in the direction is yet another example of their being totally unconcerned about the customer's network security), then mind melding with some unsuspecting end user he just picked at random while driving down any street in the U.S., thus discerning the user's BMI and inserting that number as the indefinite integral into a simple equation, solving for x, entering x into his portable z14 mainframe, and viola!, he has gained total and complete root access to the user's email contact list. 


    I'm paraphrasing that last one but you get the idea.


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    I'm having the same problem on the ARRIS TG2472.  Spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this resolved.  I'm looking to purchase an alternative router.  The new router will pay for itself in a year with the $10 a month "leasing fee" for the cox provided router.  Was able to get into the interface a few days ago and have been trying daily since with no luck.

  • Hi Banksyboy,

    What steps are you taking to access the Arris TG2472 interface?