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"are you still watching?"

Recently had to get a new cable box and I have two questions:

Is there a way to stop the annoying screen pop up asking "are you still watching?"

and, is there a way to keep the cable box on all the time? The old box never had to be turned on, it stayed on whether you were watching or not.  This one turns itself off requiring it and the tv to be turned on everytime you want to watch.

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    If you're seeing the message asking if you're still watching that means the channel is about to cease broadcasting due to no other viewer in your area watching. The box will ask you to confirm if you're still watching however if this confirmation is not receive the channel shuts off however if you tune the channel again it'll display again. As for the box shutting off this can be managed via the power options in the Settings menu.

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    Cox is penalizing you because your viewing habits are unpopular.  It's called a Denial of Service.