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Are unread emails deleted after 60 days?

I just noticed that there is a table on the Cox website depicting how long emails are kept:

..and it says that unread emails will be deleted after 60 days. Is this true? Because if it is, it's the first time I have heard of it and I was never told this previously. I know they just started deleting emails from Trash after 2 days so i am wondering if this is a new policy and if so, are they actually enforcing it?


Rob from AZ

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    Not a new policy, Rob. I've seen a discussion on this dated 2011 on DSLR. As to if Cox is enforcing it, I don't know, I never leave anything in the inbox unread for more then a couple days. There are also threads about this in this forum, here is one dated Oct 2015.

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    This policy applies to unread items left in the main Inbox folder. Any emails marked as read or moved to a personal folder are not deleted automatically.