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Arabic Streaming box not working

good morning! My mother in law uses a streaming box called Arabic tv network to watch tv in Arabic. She is driving me crazy because it hasn't been working for 2 days now and after spending some time on it I am under the assumption that it has been blocked from being used by Cox. The internet works fine on all other devices, and the Arabic tv network is working on other service providers just fine. I have a friend who has a different stream box off ebay who says his stopped working the same day (he has cox) . does anyone know if streaming boxes have recently been blocked by Cox ? This Arabic box is the only thing that keeps her entertained and out of my hair to do 500 different repairs she needs on her house. Help a brother out!! lol .

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    We wouldn't be blocking anything such as this. I'd start with the basics, can you duplicate the issue without the router attached? Be sure you're resetting the modem after plugging anything new into it otherwise it won't connect.

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