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Approved Cable Modems

I see in the article "Cox Approved Cable Modems" that the Arris SB6190 is recommended for the Ultimate internet service, which is what I have here in Tulsa. And there's a long page just on this modem. But when I go to install one, the SB6190 isn't on the menu on the activation page.

So, when are we going to be able to use this modem, which looks to be four times faster than my existing modem and has 32 x 8 downstream/upstream channels?

Currently using a Moto SB6141, which is on the menu.

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    you can use it just need to contact cox to add it since the self install page does have it listed.

  • Hi jcronley,

    I can activate this modem for you. Please email me at and please include your address, name, last 4 of the social, modem MAC and Serial number, and the link to this thread.

    Thank you,