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Apple TV Support


Can we please get an update where the Apple TV app is?  

I live in an area that I can choose between Cox and Charter and Charter has a Roku app that I'm considering moving to, but I'd really love to have an Apple TV app instead since I already have them.



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    Hi Kelly858,

    Which Apple TV app are you referring to?  If you are referring to the Contour app, at this we don't have any updates about it being supported on the Roku.

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    My question was pretty simple. 

    When is there going to be a Contour Apple TV app?

    The reason why is that I can very easily go buy a ROKU and cancel Cox and go to Charter/Spectrum since they have a Roku app. which probably means an Apple TV app is coming soon.

    I just prefer to have an Apple TV app since I already use the platform.

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    I see now, I'm not aware of anything specific in development. I'll be happy to submit a product request on your behalf.