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Apple TV Single Sign On

Are you guys going to allow single sign on on Apple TV so that I could eventually watch live tv stuff easily?

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    Are you referring to our Contour app or a specific network's?

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    Stephanie, is the Contour (2) app now available for Apple TV? I was only aware of it being available on iOS9+, Android, Mac or Windows. I can't even airPlay to my ATV without getting a rights violation error.

  • Hi AllenP,

    You are correct. The Contour 2 app is not yet available for Apple TV. See the list of supported devices and compatible operating systems for the Contour 2 app at We hope to expand the list of supported devices as we move forward in 2017.

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    I'd also like to know if and when Cox will support this.

    If Cox supports this feature, customers with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and/or fourth-generation Apple TVs will be able to use channel-specific "TV Everywhere" apps without having to go through the whole "authenticate your TV provider" song-and-dance for each and every channel's app. They'll log into their Cox account once, and that will authorize ALL the TV Everywhere apps that support single sign-on.

    Currently, Cox's competitors DirecTV, Dish, and Sling support this feature.

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    Thank you for the link. I've forwarded it to our Application Team to review. Any new products and services are kept confidential until a date to launch has been set. If there are any updates, we will print them in your statement.

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    I am also disappointed to find Cox Cable is not listed as an option for single sing-in on the new Apple TV. Please add your company to the list of those providing this very useful option.

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    Cox is a very slow moving provider. They don't adapt quickly to moving technologies, which is why I'm going to Direct TV for entertainment. Forget Cox. I've been a member for over 20 years. Right now it's only for internet. 

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    Cox truly is a slow moving provider. Compared to ATT uVerse, Cox looks truly archaic. 

    And not even a single sign-on as of yet for Apple TV.