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Apple TV 4 and Cox Residential Broke Up!

ATV 4 and Cox broke up and forgot to tell the kids.

The ATV 3 allowed a user to connect to their premium channels such as HBO GO, STARZ, SHOWTIME via an app (application) inside the Apple TV interface. Just specify that you are already subscribed and provide your Cox login credentials and you get connected to service you already pay for.

But with ATV 4, Apple's latest Siri-enabled model, the Cox Cable name is suspiciously missing with the provider listing. Cox has 6.2M users - the largest user base in the US and yet they don't appear on the line-up of service providers. But just a few months ago in the ATV 3, they did.

Break-up or oversight?

Doesn't matter - clearly with that many users it has to get fixed.

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  • Michael2020,

    Hi. I'm looking into this. It seems we also have an email from you, a Facebook PM and possibly a tweet. On which of these would you prefer to communicate?

  • There is a work around that bypassed the ATV4 logic to enable sign in for the premium (paid) products from Cox.

    When you download in ATV4 each of the premium (paid) applications that you already enjoy from your Cox monthly bill, you will need to do as follows:

    1. Open the application and begin playing any movie or show shown as available.

    2. A screen will appear asking you to Login or subscribe.

    3. Choose Login.

    4. When asked to choose your service provider, choose "Other"

    5. Follow the onscreen prompts until you see a screen with a unique identifier code - this code identifies you ATV4 and you will use the onscreen instructions.

    6. Go to a browser on your iPhone or your laptop - separate computer - and use the URL shown onscreen with the ATV4 to "activate" your service.

    7. Follow the onscreen prompts and enter the unique identified code provided on the ATV4 screen.

    8. Within a few minutes the ATV4 screen will change and your service will be activated.

    9. You must do this for each and every separate premium content provider but you'll only do this once for each ATV4 you are setting up.

    My thanks to Colleen and Cox Support for looking into what I consider to be a Apple TV problem when Apple support couldn't or wouldn't help. Thanks Cox for making "the buck stop here" and protecting me from being the "bouncing ball" of new support cases.