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Apple Airport and IPv6

I have my Apple Airport router set to "link locally" for iPv6.  It stopped having to reset the modem and router every day in order to restore connectivity HOWEVER lately I am beginning to have intermittent dropoff where I lose connectivity for a couple of minutes and then get it back.  Sometimes if I reboot my Mac, that does the trick.

Why can't I get reliable service from Cox???  I have the very latest modem and I have the recommended IPv6 settings on my Apple router.  Has something changed on Cox's end????

I am in Louisiana - Metairie New Orleans area

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  • Hi, are you experiencing the same issue when you are connected directly to the modem? If you have not yet tried a direct connection, please by pass the router and connect one of your computers directly to the modem. Then restart both the modem and the computer. Test your connect while directly connected for awhile to see if you are still having any intermittent connection issues.