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Apartment Struggles

So, if I read my account correctly, I have the 150MB downloads (which means I probably have 25MB uploads roughly).  Fancying myself as slightly intelligent, I understand that on basic copper lines those speeds aren't true.  Cool.  However, I'm just a wee curious as to how I can have said speed, but while only running one PS4 streaming shows, my internet consistently cuts out, modem/router has to be reset AT LEAST once daily, and that everything from Cox, up to the point where it hits the apartment, is properly working.  God forbid I want to connect to smartphones to the wifi.  

Upon several inquires, I am told everything is fine with the network, and that it HAS to be my dual band Netgear router or Cox compatible Netgear modem.  Oh, and I had this same issue with two Cox provided modem/routers.  And a Linksys router.  Could it just be that once the main line hits the apartment complex that my bandwidth, that I pay a pretty penny for, is being bogged down during peak times by other users in the complex? 

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  • Hi JustWantToLiftAndEat,

    It is certainly possible. Do the disconnects that you experience happen throughout the day, every day, or do they only happen during times of peak usage?