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Anyone using Cox Phone with an analog modem? How well does it work?

I'm currently just using MagicJack with my Cox Ultimate internet service and it works well enough for faxing at 33.6 kb/s, but does not work very well with analog modems.  MagicJack QoS and codecs apparently don't play well with analog modems.  I have a very specific use for using analog modems.  My modems are USR Sportster 56k v.92's.  Before I jump to AT&T and go the POTS route, which technically would be the best, I thought I might give Cox chance since I could bundle it in (and get the integration features).

Anyone used an analog modem over Cox phone?  Results?

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    I'm using an Agere Systems AC'97 internal modem (56 Kbps, V.90) in a laptop and I haven't had problems for 5 years.

    The AC'97 is connecting my call-blocker program to a wall jack.  I have the Cox digital telephone modem connected to another wall jack.  The Cox modem is bridging the telephone wiring in my home (telephones, answering machine, call blocker) to the Cox network.  It works fine.  Granted, a call blocker doesn't require a lot of bandwidth, but I've never had analog-to-digital issues with it.